Guildhall BIG Double Reed Day

The BIG Double Reed Day for adults

At the BDRD 2022 adult participants had four hours of workshops. Registration was at 9am to start workshops at 9.30am, and the day finished with the short finale concert at 6pm.

Two hours were spent in performance classes. We asked everyone to prepare a piece and we provided a pianist to accompany.

Adults also attended two short workshops designed to target specific aspects of playing. In 2022 we offered the following classes:

Beginner - intermediate
Exercises to improve the speed and variety of attack and smoothness and flexibility of slurs

Cor Anglais Class:
All levels
For oboists with their own cor anglais. A chance to work with a specialist on a piece or excerpt.

Double Tonguing Introduction:
For players who are ready to tackle this tricky technique, you will learn exercises to develop the quality and speed of your double tonguing.

All levels
Exercises to expand your range or volume and tone colour.

Oboe Maintenance:
All levels
Learn the basics of looking after your oboe.

Orchestral Excerpts:
Intermediate +
Bassoon only
Work on some orchestral solos and learn about the context, preparation and tips for performance.

Orchestral Workshop:
Intermediate +
Play some key moments of the orchestral repertoire for the bassoonists and oboists and work on playing effectively as part of a section.

Practice Techniques:
All levels
Bassoon Only
Tips for effective and efficient practice

Reed Adjustment:
All levels
Advice and demonstrations about adjusting those frustratingly tiny bits of cane. Please bring along some problematic reeds!

All levels
Oboe only
Techniques to build strength and stamina in your support muscles so that you can reach peak playing fitness.

Tips for practising vibrato, improving the range of speed and oscillation and how / where to employ it.

All levels
Exercises to warm up instruments and muscles to get the most out of your playing.