The BIG Double Reed Day for adults

Adult participants will have four hours of workshops. Everyone will register at 9am to start workshops at 9.30am, and the day will finish with the short finale concert at 6pm.

Two hours will be spent in a performance classes. We ask everyone to prepare a piece and we provide a pianist to accompany.

Adults will also attend two short workshops designed to target specific aspects of playing. In 2020 we are offering the following classes:

All levels
Try out some of the bassoon's or oboe's predecessors.

Intermediate or advanced
The intermediate group will work on varying staccatos and attack, and achieving a smoother legato. The advanced group will expand on this in more detail, possible touching on double-tonguing.

Maximising your practice:
All levels
Get some tips for your practice routine and learn how to get the most out of your time.

Orchestral Excerpts:
All levels
Prepare your own choice of orchestral excerpt(s) and work on them as part of a mini-masterclass.

Orchestral Workshop:
Play some key moments of the orchestral repertoire for the bassoonists and oboists and work on playing effectively as part of a section.

Reed Adjustment:
All levels
Advice and demonstrations about adjusting those frustratingly tiny bits of cane. Please bring along some problematic reeds!

Sound and Breathing:
All levels
Explore your breathing technique closely and learn some exercises to improve your sound.