The BIG Double Reed ZOOM

As it won't be possible to hold a BIG Double Reed Day as usual in the Spring of 2021, we are endeavouring to bring a taste of the event to you at home by launching the BIG Double Reed ZOOM.

We are delighted to be partnering with Double Reed Ltd for the bassoon events. Please do look at their website if you are in need of bassoon reed accessories or even a new instrument.

After successful pilot events in November 2020, we are delighted to launch our Spring Schedule running on Sundays from 28th February - 28th March.

In addition to performance classes, we are also offering short workshops focussing on a specific aspect of playing, just like we do at in-person BIG Double Reed Days. We have asked some of our favourite tutors what their favourite subjects are to teach, and we have a fantastic team lined up to run workshops on everything from breathing to contemporary music. You can read more about our tutors here.

To make it really easy to book an appropriate workshop we have colour coded what's on offer:

BLUE workshops are for younger beginners, up to age 10 and up to grade 3. Players of mini bassoons and tenoroons should sign up for these workshops too. 

RED workshops are for slightly older beginners to intermediate players, so aged 10-18 and over and up to grade 3. 

GREEN workshops are for intermediate student players working at roughly grades 3-6, aged up to 18. 

ORANGE workshops are for advanced students of grade 6 and above, aged up to 18. 

PURPLE workshops are for adult players of all abilities. PURPLE PLUS is for more advanced adult players. 

Currently each group has one performance class (except GREEN bassoons which has an additional time on the same date) and one short workshop on offer. If workshops sell out, we may run additional or repeat classes.

Click here to go to our ticketsource homepage and book for an online event. If a workshop is sold out please email to be added to the waiting list. 

We hope to see you on Zoom soon!