Guildhall BIG Double Reed Day

The BDRD for those aged 18 and under


Participants aged 10 and under and grade 3 and under were on the junior timetable. This included all participants (including those over 10) playing on junior oboes, mini-bassoons, tenoroons and fagonellos. Workshops were run by specialist staff who devised numerous fun activities including a lot of ensemble playing! Younger participants could prepare a piece to play and perform it to the class. At the end of the day, the junior classes joined in with the younger students for the massed ensemble finale in the hall, and performed a few pieces of their own as well. Juniors registered at 10am and performed in the first finale concert at 5.15pm, finishing at 5.30pm.


There werefour hours of workshops for students aged 11 and over, or grade 3 and above in standard. Oboists registered at 9am and bassoonists at 9.30am. Students aged 13 and under performed in the first finale concert at 5.15pm, finishing at 5.30pm. Students aged 14 and over performed in the second finale concert at 6pm, finishing at 6.15pm.

Two hours were spent in a masterclass-style performance class. We asked participants to prepare a piece for this class, and there was a pianist available to accompany.

The remaining two hours were taken up with two short workshops. These classes are designed to target specific areas of interest and were run according to demand and availability of tutors.

In 2022 we offered the following short workshops:

Advanced Audition Preparation:
Grade 8 and above
Some expert advice about preparing for an audition at high level, for example, for music college.

Advanced Technique:
Grade 6 and above
Looking more closely at more advanced aspects of playing, such as double-tonguing and vibrato.

Grade 5 and under
Bassoon only
Tips for expanding your range and speed of tonguing and improving the smoothness of your slurs

Audition Preparation:
Grades 6-8
Tips for those doing youth orchestra or scholarship auditions.

Contemporary Techniques:
All levels
Learn some extended techniques to get a multitude of noises out of your instrument. Giggles guaranteed.

Cor Anglais Class
Grade 6+
Oboe only
Work on a piece or excerpt with a cor anglais specialist.

All levels
Exercises and tips for improving your range of dynamic and colour

Orchestral Excerpts:
Grade 6 and above
Prepare some orchestral excerpts and work on them as part of a mini-masterclass.

Orchestral Sectional - intermediate or advanced:
Grade 5 and under, or grade 6+
Learn about playing in groups as part of an oboe or bassoon section in some grade-appropriate orchestral repertoire.

Music College Q & A Session:
All levels, parents and guardians welcome
These will run in the afternoon breaks and are a great opportunity to quiz staff and students from Conservatoires about life at music college. Please let us know on your application form if this would be of interest. 

All levels
Learn how to adjust and scrape your reed to prolong its life and keep it happy.

All levels
Learn some exercises designed to develop a better tone.

Grade 5 and under, or grade 6 and above
Oboe Only
Techniques to build muscle strength and stamina and reach peak playing fitness.

Grade 5 and under, or grade 6 and above
Bassoon Only
Exercises to warm up your instrument and body effectively to get the most out of your practice sessions.